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Worship On The Streets is a part of Amazon Associates scheme which means if you by products listed below via the links provided, you will be supporting the ministry financially as Amazon will donate a percentage of your sale to Worship On The Streets. If you are interested in street worshipping yourself, then below you’ll find CD’s and books which have have grounded us in God’s Word and helped us follow His Spirit on our journey of starting Worship On The Streets. We think you’ll find them invaluable on your journey too…

“Fathers of Thunder” CD – based on the Sons of Thunder prophecy by James Ryle, this is a teaching/worship CD (featuring Lou Engle, Rick Joyner, James Ryle, Bob Jones and many more) that is vital for anyone on a journey into street worship or interested in what is God is doing at this time through it.

Steve Abley – “Return of the Musical Prophet” – a timely booking exploring the power of sound and music, and how God is raising up street worshippers at this time.

Chris Burns – “Pioneers of His Presence” – a visionary book providing an overview of God’s desire to release His presence and His power on the earth through a people committed to worship and prayer.

N.B: We are a part of the Amazon Associates scheme and so do not sell these products ourselves, but only offer links to purchasing them via Amazon sellers.